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How to Trim Your Beard Effectively

How to Trim Your Beard Effectively  

Beard Trimming Tips and Tricks

In the past, men grew beards easily. All they had to do is stop shaving. Whether your beard will grow to your neck, chin or chest was nobody’s concern. However, these days, things are different. Although beards are back and on fashion more than ever, they require care. In this blog post, you will see several wise tips for successful beard trimming:

  • Step #1. Wash it with beard shampoo and add a conditioner for a better effect. It will help soften it. This way, you will provide it with better maintenance and trimming.

  • Step #2. After your beard is already dry, take a brush and brush it against the grain, so that the hairs stand up and out. It will be easier for you to cut them and notice any inconsistencies in the length.

  • Step #3. Now you can use sharp clippers to trim everything to an even length. If you are unsure how to do it or you have never done it before, you can always ask for professional assistance in a respectable barber shop. You can use a bigger guard for the beard and a smaller one for the mustache. But be careful as this task requires a steady hand. If you find it difficult to do that with clippers, you can try it with trimming scissors.

  • Step #4. Now, you have to trim your neckline. Here, we would like to warn of a few things. If you trim it too close to the jawbone, it may seem like you have a double chin even if you don’t. So, let wander a while. The best thing you can do is to do that task to one-inch band above Adam’s apple. You can put two fingers above. Now imagine a line that sits atop that spot. You should shave everything that sits above that spot.

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